Sunday, 6 November 2011

Lustre 2011 - "beautiful things for you and your home"

I was fortunate enough to gain a ticket for the 'Free Buyer's' preview evening of the annual Lustre event at Nottingham University's Lakeside Arts Centre. The yearly showcase reflects craft designer makers that not only have talent but have shown commitment and potential in relation to their skills and industry.

Instantly I was drawn to the jewellery, all was beautifully laid out and each designer achieved their own style through their displays. Particular favourites of mine were pieces by Kate Gilliland, Lucy Elsie Harvey and Rosy Maddison. All had a vintage feel with many pieces featuring components that aren't usually associated with being wearable jewellery, each designer had reworked and exploited these components to construct luxurious forms. Lucy Elsie Harvey's approach to making jewellery effectively sums up the asethetic of these three talented jeweller's; "Making jewellery allows me to work within a defined parameter: elevating the mundane and forgotten into significant keepsakes through the function of adornment", (

For more information on Lustre please visit where you will find a list of this year's makers. It is only on for two day's, closing today the 6th of November, but well worth remembering for next year and having a look at the makers chosen for this year.

by Samantha Barker

Thursday, 13 October 2011

Pregnancy Diary: 20 Week Scan

We went for our 20 week scan last week, what a difference to the first one! We had a fabulous sonographer who took the time to explain what we was seeing and reassured us everything was perfect as she went along pointing things out. The whole scan took about half an hour. I decided to drink a pint of water, some hospitals want you to attend with a full bladder, some don't, so always try and check before your appointment.
Again it was a nervous moment before the scan as I was worried baby was still there, still moving, heart beating.....I was worried about if the baby had grown at all since the last scan. All normal concerns I'm sure.
The baby was lying head down, bum to one side and legs stretched out and crossed leisurely across my stomach! Having a nice relaxing snooze by the looks of it. Heart beating away and mouth chomping every now and again as if saying hello.
The sonograpgher checked everything, from measuring baby's head circumference, bones, checking spine, stomach, brain and heart to make sure everything was as it should be.
We were spot on with the date of birth, 21st February 2012 so hopefully baby won't be late otherwise we'll be having a leap year baby!
The details on the scan was amazing, we saw toes and fingers, ribs and even a tiny bladder, which took a moment to find as baby had done a little wee and needed to fill up again to check! We got very emotional!

After the scan we waited to have the usual blood pressure and urine checks and have a chat about the results of the scan, all which are normal. 
We also received a 'Parents guide to money' a useful guide on all things money for, you guessed it parents!
Also received Maternity Certificate which you need to claim maternity benefits including statutory maternity leave and maternity allowance.
Plus you get a link to download a video called 'Bump to Breastfeeding' which I have yet to have a look at.
I was booked in for Anti D injections at 28 weeks, this is due to an unusual blood type. I'll also need an injection at the birth. This will stop my body rejecting any future pregnancies.
I was also told to have my pregnancy notes with me at all times in case I went into labour early or complications arose. 

Next appointment is with a community midwife at my doctors for my 25 week checkup (first time pregnancy appointment only) As usual, my midwife will check my blood pressure and test my urine. She'll also measure the distance from my pubic bone to the top of  my bump to check that your baby is growing well.

Little Baby Coles :)

Monday, 10 October 2011

WIN! WIN! WIN! A gorgeous goodie bag from Queenies Bazaar

Prize includes:
  • Long multi bead necklace
  • Hand made faceted glass bead earrings
  • 2 earring piece set with studs and small flowers
  • Hand made 2 piece bracelet set
  • A heart Queenies Bazaar necklace
  • Disc earrings
  • A gold tone vintage brooch

"Alexandra has been selling pretties since 2010 and now Queenies Bazaar has clients all over the world. Aiming to provide an easy to use online boutique with the service you would expect and want.

Picking interesting, pretty and usable pieces of fashion & accessories for everyday wearing or that special occasion. With many limited, individual and different styles from well know designers plus up and coming labels, it's a great first stop for a style fix.

Also with the launch of a new website and her own ‘QB Collections’ brand. Things prove to get more interesting and fun for the little shop.

QB Collections offer hand made limited edition items with an accessible price range to suit every style and taste.

Also sourcing vintage accessories and clothing there is always something new being added to the website.”

How to Enter:

Send your name, address and contact phone number to (stating ‘goodie bag’ in the subject line)

Terms and Conditions: Closing date: 30.10.11. Competition is open to all UK residents. No cash alternative available. Data Protection By entering, you agree that Anne Louise magazine may contact you by e-mail regarding products and offers. If you don’t want offers from Anne Louise magazine please state clearly in your entry ‘OUT’.



Win a gorgeous new ‘Boho’ Healthy Back Bag® to help you look and feel great this autumn.

The Healthy Back Bag’s unique teardrop shape contours to the natural curve of the spine making a heavy load feel lighter. Developed with a doctor and a chiropractor it reduces stress on the back, neck and shoulders and encourages good posture.

Glamourous and chic with retro overtones, the new ‘Boho’ Healthy Back Bag is made of a durable synthetic leather material that is both soft and water resistant. The range features curved outer pockets and a fun, colourful shoulder strap and pocket detailing styled on a vintage 1960s guitar strap! Funky and functional, this new addition to the Healthy Back Bag’s line-up will appeal to fashion conscious consumers of all ages. Colours include Teal, Grey, Purple and Black.

Worn either on the shoulder or cross-body, weight is distributed asymmetrically rather than pulling from one point, keeping the stress off your back. The bag fastens via a double zipper which is always against your back for security and the separate compartments ensure stress-free rummaging.

Win a Boho Healthy Back Bag worth £56 in the colour of your choice.

How to Enter:

Send your name, address and contact phone number to (stating ‘back bag’ in the subject line)

Terms and Conditions:
Closing date: 30.11.11. Competition is open to all UK residents. No cash alternative available. Data Protection By entering, you agree that Anne Louise magazine may contact you by e-mail regarding products and offers. If you don’t want offers from Anne Louise magazine please state clearly in your entry ‘OUT’. By entering this competition your details will be automatically passed on to the competition sponsor, please state clearly in your entry if you do not wish your data to be passed on.

Sunday, 25 September 2011

Sale Bargains, London Fashion Week and buying those Winter Boots!

I have picked up two fantastic bargains from Birdy's Boutique, a fabulous little stop for fashion fixes, they have now moved to the high street from their previous Corporation St location, where they are having a sale featuring their summer stock. I picked up two dresses at £5 each, which could be kept for next year, or layered with a fur gilet, patterned tights and heels to give a quirky take on the autumn trends. The photo shows one of those dresses which had beautiful lace detailing, and back bow detail.

London Fashion Week showcased Mary Katrantzou's Spring Summer 2012 collection, which had an eclectic patterned appeal: revealing Mary's shrewd talent for creating memorable graphic influenced designs. Giles Deacon, a winner of the 'The Best New Fashion Designer' by the British Fashion awards in 2006, revealed a collection that was influenced by a mix of an exhibition catalogue and the Slimbridge Wildfowl and Wetlands trust. Visit for more tasty nougats of fashion inspiration.

Finally I have given in to the fact that the weather is getting colder and I will actually have to take my very comfortable, laidback chic leather sandals off and put them back in the wardrobe. I have two pairs of black boots, but to be completely honest they don't provide the comfort my long and quite wide feet yearn for. After trekking through the fab online sites such as Asos, I took a trip down the high street and found some comfortable but stylish black boots from River Island at £40, all I need is a pair of leg warmers and gloves and I'm ready for any unexpected snowy down falls.

by Samantha Barker

(Your Regular Fashionista Contributer)

Thursday, 15 September 2011

Pregnancy Diary : 16 Weeks

16 Weeks Consultation Appointment: 

I went for my 16 week hospital consultation appointment last week. Nothing scary, just a chance for my consultant to meet with me and review my notes. Apparently he's a very old fashioned doctor and likes the chance to meet all his patients before seeing them in labour! This was very refreshing.
My blood pressure was checked and urine as usual plus I got to hear the babies heart beat for the very first time! Amazing :) He found it as soon as he placed the doppler on my stomach, a fast, strong heart beat. I was very relieved, I'm sure most first time mums are the same in that you worry that the babies ok, he or she is actually still the moment I still just feel bloated and not pregnant! I think once I feel the baby, it'll feel much more real.
I love Jon my partner coming to each and every appointment with me, it's great sharing the experience with him and seeing the excitement in his face when he sees or hears the baby. It's hard for men to feel apart of the pregnancy experience when all they can do is look on. But Jon is making sure he's there for everything, talking to the baby since I found out I was pregnant, not letting me pick up anything heavy, or even hoover! He understands when I have to have an hour or two nap in the afternoon and makes sure I eat....I know I'm very lucky to have him as we take the journey into parenthood and I know for sure that he's going to make a wonderful daddy:)

I'm starting to struggle finding anything to wear as my bump has increased in sized quite alot in the last few weeks, I can see why most pregnant ladies spend most of their time in leggings and long tops! Nothing else fits! I'm actually reviewing some pregnancies clothes soon so keep an eye out.
I feel awkward at the moment, I feel that people think I'm fat rather that pregnant, even though the weight is on my's like having a permanent muffin top that just keeps on a growing.
Plus I'm experiencing restless leg syndrome, sore hips and pelvis, sore stomach, nasal discomfort ( not being able to breathe properly through my nose) and headaches!

Apparently according to my iPhone app, What to expect when you are expecting, the baby is now the size of a sweet potato! Last week it was a turnip! Amazing to think that the baby can suck it's thumb, hear sounds, be startled by light, has all his or her bits and will just now grow in size and put on brown fat. 

And I have no idea when I should start to buy stuff for the baby, one person says it's bad luck to get stuff to early, another says you should start gradually get stuff together as you might not feel up to it later. It would be great to hear from other pregnant ladies on their experiences, please feel free to comment either here or on Facebook :)

One thing I did do as soon as I found out I was pregnant was to sign up to a few of the pregnant/mummy websites and clubs. You can get lots of advice plus money off coupons, free samples plus much more.
I signed up to the Huggies Club - - where you get a coupon to receive a free Huggies Newborn Started Kit containing, 27 newborn nappies, 64  wipes and a cotton hat. It's usually £5, although Asda have them on offer for £3 at the moment. Amazing value for money as the nappies are usually £3.71 and the wipes £1 (from Asda, which I have found to be the cheapest)

The next stop is the 20 week scan, very excited as this is hopefully when we can find out the sex of the baby and make sure all is well. It's a very in depth scan where the sonographer will look to check for problems with limbs, the heart, cleft lip etc. So it's also very nerve wracking, but hopefully all will be well :)

Take care

Linsey x

Monday, 5 September 2011

Pregnancy Diary

I'm a bit late starting my pregnancy diary as I am now 16 weeks pregnant, but I thought I could catch you up with what's happened so far...

The Beginning:
I found out I was pregnant in July, a week after starting a new part time job! Not the best time to find out but my new employeers and collegues couldn't have been more supportive.

After reading a couple of pregnancy books I phoned the doctors to book an appointment to see my GP, something most pregnancy books tell you to do as soon as you find out your pregnant.
I excitedly told my GP that I had taken a pregnancy test and it came out positive, he asked me when was my last period and updated my records, he then handed me a scrappy piece of paper with the local midwifes details on and told me to call them when I had reached 8 weeks,and that was that. No blood or urine tests to confirm pregnancy, no advice on what I should and shouldn't do....
I came out feeling a little deflated, looking at the paper I wondered how I would manage to wait for 4 whole weeks to phone them to book an appointment. I managed about 3 days and then couldn't wait no longer! So I dialled them up and told them how many weeks I was and made the excuse that I thought I had better book early just incase they were full....
The midwife took my details, made me an appointment and asked if I wanted some leaflets sent out to which I replied "ooo yes please" at the time I thought there would be loads of advice on them but they turned out to be details on the midwifery unit and details on scans and tests etc...

The Booking Appointment:

This is where you are asked lots of questions about yourself, your partner/husband's and your family
history. Your blood is taken to check various things such as rubella immunity, blood type, HIV, Iron levels etc. Your urnine is checked for infections, your weight is measured.
You are then given your Maternity Notes to keep safe, you need these at every appointment so they are very feel terrified of losing them! Inside is everything from all the questions you just spent 30 minutes answering, details on what weeks your various appointments are, blood test results plus much, much more!
You are also given the NHS Pregnancy Book, a great guide to help your throught pregnancy, what to expect and what benefits and entitlements you might receive. You also receive your bounty packs full of little samples and advice.

I was told to expect my first scan appointment through the post, something I was very excited about as it would mean confirmation that I was actually pregnant and not just imagining the whole thing, although I did take three pregnancy tests just to make sure! But I needed to see little baby on the screen to make sure with my own two eyes.

The First Scan (Dating Scan):

Trying to keep over a pint and a half of water housed in an overactive bladder is not easy! You have to drink at least that much an hour before your scan. And since I have a condition which means a teaspoon of water makes my bladder feel like it's going to burst I knew it wasn't going to be easy. I swallowed the water down, nearly gagging and instantly felt the pressure start to build. Five minutes before we left for the appointment I couldn't wait, I had to go to the toilet. I kept saying surely it wouldn't make much difference, I'm sure I drank so much it's still being processed and by the time I have my scan my bladder will be nice and full.
It wasn't! The sonographer made a grunting sound and said " it's hard to see the baby properly, you haven't had enough water....I'll have to see if I can take measurements..."
I tried to explain about my condition but instantly felt usless and had already failed as a mum!
Looking at the screen I stared amazed at being able to see so much details already, I was expecting to see a little blob, but here was a baby, waving their arms around, opening their mouth, kicking about......It still hasn't sunk in what I saw on the screen that day. Everyday since I look down at my expanding belly and still can't believe there's a baby in there.
I held my fiances hand and squeezed , we looked at each other with sheer shock and happiness, we had started a tiny lttle life and had instantly become a family. It's an amazing feeling. 
The sonographer took lots of measurements of the back of the baby's neck to check for Down's syndrome, an increased amount can mean more of a chance of a baby with Down's. I'm glad to say our little baby's came back very low :) Just to be safe we have also opted for the blood confirmation as well.
Afterwards we waited to answer a few questions, have more blood taken, weight checked and then we received our first little pictures of baby.

16 Weeks Consultation Appointment:

This is what we are up to tomorrow, not sure what to expect but will fill you in later and include a new belly shot. I have lost my waist and developed quite a belly!

Linsey x

Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Adele's Accessories: Healthy Back Bag

The healthy back bag truly is very impressive, not only for its asymetrical design that distributes weight evenly across the back, but also for the aesthetically pleasing designs and vast array of compartments incorporated within each design to help you stay organised.
This month I had the pleasure of trying one of the larger bags which can also be used as a 'baby changing bag' with additional extras including an easy to clean foldable mat, great for mums on the go!

The adjustable strap is padded and coated with rubber to prevent slipping.
There are 20 various sized compartments in this unisex design including two key hooks and a detachable smaller bag. Made with durable lightweight textured nylon which is both water resistant and machine washable!

Unlike a regular backpack (having to take the bag off your back and open to get what you need out), the Healthy Back Bag is designed in such a way that when you 'swing' the bag around you can access any of the pockets with ease, which makes shopping and getting in/out of cars etc so easy. Not only is there plenty of compartments but also more than enough room to fit in a towel, lotions, sunnies, flip flops etc and doubles up as a comfy headrest as well due to its shape and padding...which makes it perfect for a day trip to the beach! 

Thursday, 11 August 2011

Adele's Accessories: Dainty Damsel delectable jewels

This month I was delighted to road test this very sparkly and wonderfully versatile leather wrap from Dainty Damsel

The wrap is made from 100% leather and Czech crystals, and as with all Dainty Damsel's accessories, the metal is totally nickle free. The design incorporates three press stud fastenings which is what makes it so adaptable.

The quality is superb and due to  the soft leather  can easily be wrapped around  your wrist, ankle, be worn in your hair or as a necklace.

I would even consider buying two and connecting them together to further expand on ots versatility. Creating a double length necklace or a belt.

Dainty Damsel is currently having a sale and as an Anne Louise Magazine reader you can bag yourself an extra 10% off!!!!

Simply enter the code DDALSALE10 at the checkout.

Also check the special offer  'OFFER OF THE MONTH' and as a registered customer you can earn loyality points every time you shop!

Friday, 22 July 2011

Adele's Accessories: I Kandi

I Kandi are one of my favourite websites for finding the latest fashionable jewellery with that extra special wow factor!
We got sent over both these amazing Peacock earrings along with the very exotic bird ring which are both fabulous value at £12 each.

The Peacock earrings are both beautiful from the back view as well as the front! I struggled to capture the intricate details, from the back these have pretty flowers engraved and even the earring saver is shaped like a flower! It's these finishing touches along with the sheer delicacy of these earrings that have made them one of my 'must have' summer pieces.

Knuckle Duster rings have been around for many years but this year we have seen a feminine twist to this typically male accessory, now these new feminine knuckle rings are a far cry from the 'body harning' rings previously sported by mainly men. Now instead we have fabulous rings that stretch across the hand, which is particularly good for those of you like myself who these days prefer to camouflage the not so youthful appearance. These knuckle rings are appearing in a variety of shapes and sizes and this bird ring design from I Kandi is so pretty! 
I normally have problems finding rings to fit my not so slender fingers, however this design is adjustable so one size really does fit all!
I was a little unsure as to whether this two ring design would be comfortable our would limit movement, but I need not have worried....very comfortable, very pretty and very sparkly....


Sunday, 10 July 2011

Chic & Cheerful

Short of cash but still want to look fab? Follow our tips on how to be clever with your shopping trips......

The first rule when on a budget is to beware of trying to economise by loading up with lots of cheap clothes.
Instead, make sure you have your wardrobe essentials such as good-fitting jeans (F&F at Tesco has some great flares for only £14), plain tops that can be teamed with lots of items and a short dress.
Why the short dress? Well, it can be worn in a multitude of ways. M&Co, for example, has a lovely white tunic that can be worn alone as a dress or worn over a pair of trousers for a funky look. By wearing a belt with it you can change the look as often as you like – Next has some fab, bright, patent belts that would be perfect. Another versatile item is a shirt – this can be worn over a dress,
have the collars pulled up for a smarter look or dress down with a pair of jeans (check out Warehouse for a shirt that will keep you on-trend for the whole summer).
Don’t forget to trawl through your wardrobe for unloved clothes that can be brought up to date with an accessory or two. Transform your t-shirts by pinning back a sleeve with a big, colourful hairclip
(Internacionale has some gorgeous floral clips that will do the job perfectly), or attach jewels to trousers for a bespoke look – It’s Vintage Darling has some wonderfully over-the-top earrings that would look great when clipped on to a pocket. Scarves are another winner as they can be used as a headscarf, round your neck or cinched around your waist.
The trick when you’re short of cash is to think laterally and make the most of what you’ve already got. Old jeans snipped to create stylish shorts and worn with a top pulled in with a belt will make you look like a trend-setting style queen. Dare to be different and save money at the same time – what’s not to love?

All photography courtesy of PRshots

Behind the Scenes: with photographer Ruth Rose

Talented photographer Ruth Rose shot the super stylist Nina Bon Bina Autumn/ Winter 2011 Collection. We go behind the scenes and find out about this young, fashion and beauty photographer based in London.
Nina Bon Bina is a fresh and playful new brand. The understated, classic designs are achieved by using rich ethnic inspired print, laundered cottons and sumptuous silks with beautifully simple shapes and silhouettes. Garments are sprinkled with pretty laces, embroideries and embellishments adding to each style’s charm and ensuring each piece becomes a wardrobe gem. *(Words taken from

Ruth, “It was a lovely collection to shoot and the Esvie Creatives team did an amazing job. We had our very own Keira Knightly lookalike, (she’s not really but she should be!) the stunning Elizabeth Miles modelling for us. We did some classic poses to compliment the sleek designs of the dresses but also got Elizabeth to do angular, obscure poses creating an antithesis between the posing and the garment.”

Where did you learn photography, how long have you been a fashion photographer and how did you get into it?
I started photography at A level and loved it. I wasn’t sure how to turn it into a career and ended up going to uni to study English and Philosophy. In the holidays I interned with different photographers. When I graduated I got an internship with Elisabeth Hoff, who was a massive inspiration. I was thrust in to the high end spectrum of the fashion industry and learnt so much. I then took several photographing and lighting courses and worked as an assistant.

What types of photoshoot do you enjoy most and why?
I love everything that involves people but mainly fashion photography. I have come to photography from a creative drive and therefore love the freedom and creativeness there is with people. I like the surprise and ever changing nature of a shoot. Other photographers love the precision and control they have over a still life or landscape shot but that isn’t for me!
With fashion photography, I love the concept of ‘creating a beautiful and an ideal image’. I love the art of post production and think that people need to be aware that when they look in a magazine they are looking as they would, a painting or a sculpture. Fashion photographers are not attempting to depict reality but to create something beautiful.

What are the special qualities required of a fashion photographer?
I think that a fashion photographer has to have an eye for what will work.

How much work do you do in the studio as compared to on location? Which do you prefer and why?

I do a lot in the studio because of the control that it gives you. I do love to work on location, however. And am doing a shoot this summer in Puerto Banus, Spain. Locations can add another dimension to your images. But with them comes that other element of worry that it will rain etc, so that pushes me back into the studio! I think if you do work in a studio you have to keep thinking of new ways to keep it fresh. I am constantly learning new lighting techniques and getting new backgrounds to mix it up.

What’s a typical day like for you?
I don’t have a typical day. I can go from one day being up at 5:30am and getting in late in the evening, being dressed up and here there and everywhere . Then the next day could be me sat in my comfy clothes at my computer for 12 hours editting the photos and planning the next shoot!

Are there any negative aspects to the job?
The negative aspects to the job would be, being self employed, and in the economic crisis, it is tough. And there is always that feeling that you are never guaranteed work, but if you are good and pro active then you will get the work and clients will come back to you. Then you can benefit from the perks and freedom of being self employed.

How do you approach a photoshoot, is it all planned out before hand or do you go with the flow on set?

I approach a photoshoot by planning as much as possible. I will do a mood board and discuss ideas with the rest of the team. It is very important to go into a shoot with a vision. However, working with models and variables nothing is ever as precise as planned so you have to be prepared to go with the flow of the set. You have to be prepared to try things because you never know.

How would you describe your photographic style?
My photographic style - I think lots of energy. I try to make each shot the finished article. Every aspect of it has to be perfect and work together.

What is typically in your camara bag?
Camera body, lenses, lights, endless batteries and memory cards and back up devises because I am paranoid!

What has been you favourite photoshoot?
Favourite shoot would be when I photographed a shoot on ‘Austria’s Next Top Model’.

Any advice for aspiring fashion photographers?
Just keep trying and be pro active. You have to find work it won’t come to you but you will get there in the end :)

Creative Team:

Beauty Book: July

Find out what’s new on the beauty scene and what products works best.....

Cruelty Free Makeup

BM Beauty  is a brand new mineral makeup line created by pussycat doll Kimberly Wyatt and friend Laura McComiskie.
All the products have the stamp of approval from the BUAV and PETA.
It’s also good for your skin! The mineral foundations contain zinc oxide which is a natural anti-inflammatory, great for spot prone skin. BM Beauty make up is lightweight and allows your skin to breathe. You can create a flawless complexion without clogging pores and causing further breakouts. Skin perfection with a ‘no make up’ feel. What could be better?

Battle of the Pores

Clinique’s NEW PORE REFINING SOLUTIONS CORRECTING SERUM £36.50 is a new formula that instantly diminishes the appearance of pores, whilst simultaneously helping to strengthen and tighten skin’s surface structure over time. With surprisingly little effort, the visible appearance of pores is reduced by 58% in just 2 weeks. 

Confessions of a shopaholic

Self confessed shopaholic Emma, decided something drastic needed to be done with  her ever expanding wardrobe collection, rather than send off the hardly worn and brand new items to charity shops, Emma decided to create ‘Worn Once’ where other fashionistas can grab a bargain...

“I am a self confessed Shopoholic & Dress Diva with bulging wardrobes of items I buy, wear once or not at all.
The concept of Worn Once was thought up whilst discussing my previous experiences with traditional auction sites - the fee’s charged to place an ad, the fee’s after you’d sold the item  & also being limited to a listing time. By creating the Worn Once Facebook page I am able to keep my items advertised without a listing time period.
“It also give me the opportunity to put back into practise my Customer Service skills and qualifications gained in the work place.
“As well as the country being in an apparent state of
recession, the opportunity to raise cash seems better
than to give fabulous items to charity, so going back to the saying ‘charity begins at home’ is currently more applicable to my family  and I. 
Though I do donate monthly to Olly’s Rainbow and have huge respect for the work they do.
“My over-spending, allows other fashionista’s the chance to pick up ‘Designer’ and ‘High Street’ items at very low prices!
“I also keep the postage as low as possible. I found that auction site sellers often use postal charges to make additional money unfairly.
I’m a Mother of two boys and through all the money I spend on myself on clothes, bags, shoes and jewellery, by selling on what I don’t really need, allows me to invest my earnings from ‘Worn Once’ into savings for their future.”


Friday, 8 July 2011

Adele's Accessories: Miche Bag

I was so delighted to receive one of these amazing bag's with not one but two different shells to review for the magazine!
I love accessories, especially when they are interchangable. These are amazingly good quality and so easy to change from one shell to another, simply pull back the magnectic strip that holds the shell in place and remove, then replace with the shell of your choice.
As well as being abel to change the shell you can also alter the straps! There are various styles available inclusing the very popular long straps to enable you to wear your bag across your body. If you are like me and love to alter your accessories to suit every outfit, then the Miche Bag is the bag for you!

No need to keep swapping the contents from one bag to another, just need to swap the shell! 
These large Miche Bags are full of pockets to keep all your belongings safe and organised.

These Miche Bags really are fabulous and take up a fraction of your waredrobe space! Ideal for those of you like myself who have limited space, great for holiday packing as you can fit so much more in your suitcase with the Miche Bag!

The Big Miche Base, £39.99, includes a set of short handles (featured) does not include shell. The Miche Bag is 5" deep x 15" long x 12" tall. The two short handles pictured are included with the bag and are 20" long.
The featured Lexi and Karen shells are both £29.99 each.
Other straps available start at £9.99.
There are also waredrobe organisers available to keep all your shells together!

Tuesday, 28 June 2011

This beautiful flower hairpiece is made by the lovely Rachel Gaw...who you may also know on Facebook as the Rachel Wonders page. I am unsure of the material used and indeed the technique but i am amazed at the fabulous delicacy and uniqueness of the design! These lovely handmade flowers start at £10 and can also be made into corsages, button holes, bouquets, the list goes on...
I was excited to recieve the hairpiece and eager to wear it out...and the sun was shining so after a little twist here and there to adjust the petals...i headed off to the boating lake to take some photo's....
Rachel has a varied range of designs available...from Kooky to Contempory theres something to suit everyone! The beautiful fascinators and hairwear come in a wonderful array of colours and designs....
for those of you that like your jewellery to be fun then have a look at her amazing range of kitch designs...
Also within Rachels range is the fabulous Contempory designs...
All of Rachels collections are handmade and the materials used include Polyester Resin and Aluminium...and occationally uses a hint of silicone rubber. Rachels work reflects the fascination she has for the hues of plants, marine life and tropical fruit...offering a wonderful array and spectrum of colourful jewellery and hairwear!

Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Go crazy for Cashas!

Casha Ponchos are causing quite a stir in the fashion and media industry with amazing reviews in fashion magazines such as Elle and Vogue.  Made with 100% cashmere and unbelievably light and soft the brilliantly versatile Casha poncho is available in gorgeous Midnight Black, Warm Beige, Ocean Grey, Vibrant Purple and Leopard Print, meaning there is a colour for every occasion.

Available to buy from  With prices ranging from £140 - £160.

The Casha is stylish without any effort, you simply slip it over your head, align the seam on your shoulder to create gorgeously soft ripples.

Beautifully warm and soft it has so many uses which makes it a brilliant staple buy for any fashionista or yummy mummy’s wardrobe.

It’s a perfect travel accessory, not only is a brilliant space saver meaning more space for all your shoes, you can also use it whilst travelling, simply fold it up and use as a soft pillow or wrap it around you to create a super light and warm blanket.

The Casha is useful for the whole day, during the day team with summer trousers, and some glamorous sunglasses to create a sophisticated celebrity look. Just be careful you don’t attract too many paparazzi!

Throw it on over your bikini whilst lounging by the pool or on the beach.  And then in the evening slip over a dress to keep you warm whilst still looking stylish.

There really is so many ways you can wear the Casha, I personally love throwing it on at night over my nightwear to keep me warm and cosy.

Invaluable for pre and post pregnant ladies, pop into your handbag for an easy to wear and light wrap or throw it on when you are breastfeeding to give you some privacy and provide a calm environment for your little one.

Also perfect to wrap around your baby or child when you are away from them, simply spray with your perfume to create a comforting mummy love blanket which they can snuggle up with until you return.

I would highly recommend the Casha whether it’s for yourself or a present for a loved one, without a doubt, one of the best versatile fashion accessories I’ve come across.

Love Linsey x

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Friday, 10 June 2011

If you go down to the woods today...............

Tanglewood Thicket Creations, designs and creates one of a kind Needle Felted Soft Sculptures.

Kasey Sorsby 32 year old Sculptor turned Interior Designer Turned Fantasy Fiber Artist living in Kelowna BC Canada explains her creative process.

The process begins with raw white wool which is locally found in British Columbia. I then dye the wool with Kool-Aid and icing dye for the most part. I have also been known to use Tea, Easter Egg Dye and some Acid Dyes.
The Fantasy Creatures I create are usually based off Candy or sweet treats so having the wool dyed with Lime and Strawberry Kool-Aid or Frosting Dye makes them that much sweeter. I do a lot of experimenting with the dye to get new colors. Sometimes mixing both icing dye and Kool-Aid together. I also make a point to make many tones of the same color so that I can color blend to give my creatures a gradation or rainbow effect.

Once the wool is dyed I will create a wool core with carded bits left over from the previous projects. Once I have  felted the creature's form the way I like it I then proceed to felt the creature with using only a single needle and my foam felting pad. I give it life with facial feature horns and of course they amazing colors. I easily spend min 30-60 hours per creature depending on how large they are. (My creatures are usually average between 8-40" tall.) Considered time also depends of how many colors I need to blend and how many horns or other features that creation will have.

A lot of the times I will add a wire skeleton for the arms, legs fingers and toes so that my creatures can grasp hold and hug. I also occasionally will joint the arms and legs for more pose options.

I admit that I am a very aggressive and clumsy felter and therefore I go through a lot of needles. Being self taught with out the use of a instruction of video I am still learning by trial and error as I go. Once the creature is as firmly felted as I can get it I will then add wings and or hair which I also dye and card. adding hair or fur can be the most painstakingly slow process of the entire project. When the creature is to my satisfaction I then will cut it's hair and clean up any fuzzy fiber bits the best I can with tiny scissors.

I have been Sculpting Fantasy creatures with clay for the last 20 years, but switched over to sculpting and felting wool after I found myself less at my Interior Design Studio and more at home with my first baby.
I grew up admiring the work or Jim Henson and the Frouds and countless other artisans which have inspired my own original creatures. I love giving life to my creatures with dramatic colors and eye popping contrasts. Naming them at the end is one of my favorite parts since I usually look through cook-books, candy blogs or in the candy isles at my grocery store for ideas and inspirations for upcoming projects.

You can find Tanglewood Thicket Creations:
Tanglewood Thicket Creations Studio Fan Page on Facebook

Featured in the April issue of Anne Louise Magazine - Click here to view