Sunday, 25 September 2011

Sale Bargains, London Fashion Week and buying those Winter Boots!

I have picked up two fantastic bargains from Birdy's Boutique, a fabulous little stop for fashion fixes, they have now moved to the high street from their previous Corporation St location, where they are having a sale featuring their summer stock. I picked up two dresses at £5 each, which could be kept for next year, or layered with a fur gilet, patterned tights and heels to give a quirky take on the autumn trends. The photo shows one of those dresses which had beautiful lace detailing, and back bow detail.

London Fashion Week showcased Mary Katrantzou's Spring Summer 2012 collection, which had an eclectic patterned appeal: revealing Mary's shrewd talent for creating memorable graphic influenced designs. Giles Deacon, a winner of the 'The Best New Fashion Designer' by the British Fashion awards in 2006, revealed a collection that was influenced by a mix of an exhibition catalogue and the Slimbridge Wildfowl and Wetlands trust. Visit for more tasty nougats of fashion inspiration.

Finally I have given in to the fact that the weather is getting colder and I will actually have to take my very comfortable, laidback chic leather sandals off and put them back in the wardrobe. I have two pairs of black boots, but to be completely honest they don't provide the comfort my long and quite wide feet yearn for. After trekking through the fab online sites such as Asos, I took a trip down the high street and found some comfortable but stylish black boots from River Island at £40, all I need is a pair of leg warmers and gloves and I'm ready for any unexpected snowy down falls.

by Samantha Barker

(Your Regular Fashionista Contributer)

Thursday, 15 September 2011

Pregnancy Diary : 16 Weeks

16 Weeks Consultation Appointment: 

I went for my 16 week hospital consultation appointment last week. Nothing scary, just a chance for my consultant to meet with me and review my notes. Apparently he's a very old fashioned doctor and likes the chance to meet all his patients before seeing them in labour! This was very refreshing.
My blood pressure was checked and urine as usual plus I got to hear the babies heart beat for the very first time! Amazing :) He found it as soon as he placed the doppler on my stomach, a fast, strong heart beat. I was very relieved, I'm sure most first time mums are the same in that you worry that the babies ok, he or she is actually still the moment I still just feel bloated and not pregnant! I think once I feel the baby, it'll feel much more real.
I love Jon my partner coming to each and every appointment with me, it's great sharing the experience with him and seeing the excitement in his face when he sees or hears the baby. It's hard for men to feel apart of the pregnancy experience when all they can do is look on. But Jon is making sure he's there for everything, talking to the baby since I found out I was pregnant, not letting me pick up anything heavy, or even hoover! He understands when I have to have an hour or two nap in the afternoon and makes sure I eat....I know I'm very lucky to have him as we take the journey into parenthood and I know for sure that he's going to make a wonderful daddy:)

I'm starting to struggle finding anything to wear as my bump has increased in sized quite alot in the last few weeks, I can see why most pregnant ladies spend most of their time in leggings and long tops! Nothing else fits! I'm actually reviewing some pregnancies clothes soon so keep an eye out.
I feel awkward at the moment, I feel that people think I'm fat rather that pregnant, even though the weight is on my's like having a permanent muffin top that just keeps on a growing.
Plus I'm experiencing restless leg syndrome, sore hips and pelvis, sore stomach, nasal discomfort ( not being able to breathe properly through my nose) and headaches!

Apparently according to my iPhone app, What to expect when you are expecting, the baby is now the size of a sweet potato! Last week it was a turnip! Amazing to think that the baby can suck it's thumb, hear sounds, be startled by light, has all his or her bits and will just now grow in size and put on brown fat. 

And I have no idea when I should start to buy stuff for the baby, one person says it's bad luck to get stuff to early, another says you should start gradually get stuff together as you might not feel up to it later. It would be great to hear from other pregnant ladies on their experiences, please feel free to comment either here or on Facebook :)

One thing I did do as soon as I found out I was pregnant was to sign up to a few of the pregnant/mummy websites and clubs. You can get lots of advice plus money off coupons, free samples plus much more.
I signed up to the Huggies Club - - where you get a coupon to receive a free Huggies Newborn Started Kit containing, 27 newborn nappies, 64  wipes and a cotton hat. It's usually £5, although Asda have them on offer for £3 at the moment. Amazing value for money as the nappies are usually £3.71 and the wipes £1 (from Asda, which I have found to be the cheapest)

The next stop is the 20 week scan, very excited as this is hopefully when we can find out the sex of the baby and make sure all is well. It's a very in depth scan where the sonographer will look to check for problems with limbs, the heart, cleft lip etc. So it's also very nerve wracking, but hopefully all will be well :)

Take care

Linsey x

Monday, 5 September 2011

Pregnancy Diary

I'm a bit late starting my pregnancy diary as I am now 16 weeks pregnant, but I thought I could catch you up with what's happened so far...

The Beginning:
I found out I was pregnant in July, a week after starting a new part time job! Not the best time to find out but my new employeers and collegues couldn't have been more supportive.

After reading a couple of pregnancy books I phoned the doctors to book an appointment to see my GP, something most pregnancy books tell you to do as soon as you find out your pregnant.
I excitedly told my GP that I had taken a pregnancy test and it came out positive, he asked me when was my last period and updated my records, he then handed me a scrappy piece of paper with the local midwifes details on and told me to call them when I had reached 8 weeks,and that was that. No blood or urine tests to confirm pregnancy, no advice on what I should and shouldn't do....
I came out feeling a little deflated, looking at the paper I wondered how I would manage to wait for 4 whole weeks to phone them to book an appointment. I managed about 3 days and then couldn't wait no longer! So I dialled them up and told them how many weeks I was and made the excuse that I thought I had better book early just incase they were full....
The midwife took my details, made me an appointment and asked if I wanted some leaflets sent out to which I replied "ooo yes please" at the time I thought there would be loads of advice on them but they turned out to be details on the midwifery unit and details on scans and tests etc...

The Booking Appointment:

This is where you are asked lots of questions about yourself, your partner/husband's and your family
history. Your blood is taken to check various things such as rubella immunity, blood type, HIV, Iron levels etc. Your urnine is checked for infections, your weight is measured.
You are then given your Maternity Notes to keep safe, you need these at every appointment so they are very feel terrified of losing them! Inside is everything from all the questions you just spent 30 minutes answering, details on what weeks your various appointments are, blood test results plus much, much more!
You are also given the NHS Pregnancy Book, a great guide to help your throught pregnancy, what to expect and what benefits and entitlements you might receive. You also receive your bounty packs full of little samples and advice.

I was told to expect my first scan appointment through the post, something I was very excited about as it would mean confirmation that I was actually pregnant and not just imagining the whole thing, although I did take three pregnancy tests just to make sure! But I needed to see little baby on the screen to make sure with my own two eyes.

The First Scan (Dating Scan):

Trying to keep over a pint and a half of water housed in an overactive bladder is not easy! You have to drink at least that much an hour before your scan. And since I have a condition which means a teaspoon of water makes my bladder feel like it's going to burst I knew it wasn't going to be easy. I swallowed the water down, nearly gagging and instantly felt the pressure start to build. Five minutes before we left for the appointment I couldn't wait, I had to go to the toilet. I kept saying surely it wouldn't make much difference, I'm sure I drank so much it's still being processed and by the time I have my scan my bladder will be nice and full.
It wasn't! The sonographer made a grunting sound and said " it's hard to see the baby properly, you haven't had enough water....I'll have to see if I can take measurements..."
I tried to explain about my condition but instantly felt usless and had already failed as a mum!
Looking at the screen I stared amazed at being able to see so much details already, I was expecting to see a little blob, but here was a baby, waving their arms around, opening their mouth, kicking about......It still hasn't sunk in what I saw on the screen that day. Everyday since I look down at my expanding belly and still can't believe there's a baby in there.
I held my fiances hand and squeezed , we looked at each other with sheer shock and happiness, we had started a tiny lttle life and had instantly become a family. It's an amazing feeling. 
The sonographer took lots of measurements of the back of the baby's neck to check for Down's syndrome, an increased amount can mean more of a chance of a baby with Down's. I'm glad to say our little baby's came back very low :) Just to be safe we have also opted for the blood confirmation as well.
Afterwards we waited to answer a few questions, have more blood taken, weight checked and then we received our first little pictures of baby.

16 Weeks Consultation Appointment:

This is what we are up to tomorrow, not sure what to expect but will fill you in later and include a new belly shot. I have lost my waist and developed quite a belly!

Linsey x