Thursday, 13 October 2011

Pregnancy Diary: 20 Week Scan

We went for our 20 week scan last week, what a difference to the first one! We had a fabulous sonographer who took the time to explain what we was seeing and reassured us everything was perfect as she went along pointing things out. The whole scan took about half an hour. I decided to drink a pint of water, some hospitals want you to attend with a full bladder, some don't, so always try and check before your appointment.
Again it was a nervous moment before the scan as I was worried baby was still there, still moving, heart beating.....I was worried about if the baby had grown at all since the last scan. All normal concerns I'm sure.
The baby was lying head down, bum to one side and legs stretched out and crossed leisurely across my stomach! Having a nice relaxing snooze by the looks of it. Heart beating away and mouth chomping every now and again as if saying hello.
The sonograpgher checked everything, from measuring baby's head circumference, bones, checking spine, stomach, brain and heart to make sure everything was as it should be.
We were spot on with the date of birth, 21st February 2012 so hopefully baby won't be late otherwise we'll be having a leap year baby!
The details on the scan was amazing, we saw toes and fingers, ribs and even a tiny bladder, which took a moment to find as baby had done a little wee and needed to fill up again to check! We got very emotional!

After the scan we waited to have the usual blood pressure and urine checks and have a chat about the results of the scan, all which are normal. 
We also received a 'Parents guide to money' a useful guide on all things money for, you guessed it parents!
Also received Maternity Certificate which you need to claim maternity benefits including statutory maternity leave and maternity allowance.
Plus you get a link to download a video called 'Bump to Breastfeeding' which I have yet to have a look at.
I was booked in for Anti D injections at 28 weeks, this is due to an unusual blood type. I'll also need an injection at the birth. This will stop my body rejecting any future pregnancies.
I was also told to have my pregnancy notes with me at all times in case I went into labour early or complications arose. 

Next appointment is with a community midwife at my doctors for my 25 week checkup (first time pregnancy appointment only) As usual, my midwife will check my blood pressure and test my urine. She'll also measure the distance from my pubic bone to the top of  my bump to check that your baby is growing well.

Little Baby Coles :)

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