Tuesday, 28 June 2011

This beautiful flower hairpiece is made by the lovely Rachel Gaw...who you may also know on Facebook as the Rachel Wonders page. I am unsure of the material used and indeed the technique but i am amazed at the fabulous delicacy and uniqueness of the design! These lovely handmade flowers start at £10 and can also be made into corsages, button holes, bouquets, the list goes on...
I was excited to recieve the hairpiece and eager to wear it out...and the sun was shining so after a little twist here and there to adjust the petals...i headed off to the boating lake to take some photo's....
Rachel has a varied range of designs available...from Kooky to Contempory theres something to suit everyone! The beautiful fascinators and hairwear come in a wonderful array of colours and designs....
for those of you that like your jewellery to be fun then have a look at her amazing range of kitch designs...
Also within Rachels range is the fabulous Contempory designs...
All of Rachels collections are handmade and the materials used include Polyester Resin and Aluminium...and occationally uses a hint of silicone rubber. Rachels work reflects the fascination she has for the hues of plants, marine life and tropical fruit...offering a wonderful array and spectrum of colourful jewellery and hairwear!

Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Go crazy for Cashas!

Casha Ponchos are causing quite a stir in the fashion and media industry with amazing reviews in fashion magazines such as Elle and Vogue.  Made with 100% cashmere and unbelievably light and soft the brilliantly versatile Casha poncho is available in gorgeous Midnight Black, Warm Beige, Ocean Grey, Vibrant Purple and Leopard Print, meaning there is a colour for every occasion.

Available to buy from www.cashmereponcho.co.uk.  With prices ranging from £140 - £160.

The Casha is stylish without any effort, you simply slip it over your head, align the seam on your shoulder to create gorgeously soft ripples.

Beautifully warm and soft it has so many uses which makes it a brilliant staple buy for any fashionista or yummy mummy’s wardrobe.

It’s a perfect travel accessory, not only is a brilliant space saver meaning more space for all your shoes, you can also use it whilst travelling, simply fold it up and use as a soft pillow or wrap it around you to create a super light and warm blanket.

The Casha is useful for the whole day, during the day team with summer trousers, and some glamorous sunglasses to create a sophisticated celebrity look. Just be careful you don’t attract too many paparazzi!

Throw it on over your bikini whilst lounging by the pool or on the beach.  And then in the evening slip over a dress to keep you warm whilst still looking stylish.

There really is so many ways you can wear the Casha, I personally love throwing it on at night over my nightwear to keep me warm and cosy.

Invaluable for pre and post pregnant ladies, pop into your handbag for an easy to wear and light wrap or throw it on when you are breastfeeding to give you some privacy and provide a calm environment for your little one.

Also perfect to wrap around your baby or child when you are away from them, simply spray with your perfume to create a comforting mummy love blanket which they can snuggle up with until you return.

I would highly recommend the Casha whether it’s for yourself or a present for a loved one, without a doubt, one of the best versatile fashion accessories I’ve come across.

Love Linsey x

Find lots of brilliant reviews at www.mummynews.co.uk

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Friday, 10 June 2011

If you go down to the woods today...............

Tanglewood Thicket Creations, designs and creates one of a kind Needle Felted Soft Sculptures.

Kasey Sorsby 32 year old Sculptor turned Interior Designer Turned Fantasy Fiber Artist living in Kelowna BC Canada explains her creative process.

The process begins with raw white wool which is locally found in British Columbia. I then dye the wool with Kool-Aid and icing dye for the most part. I have also been known to use Tea, Easter Egg Dye and some Acid Dyes.
The Fantasy Creatures I create are usually based off Candy or sweet treats so having the wool dyed with Lime and Strawberry Kool-Aid or Frosting Dye makes them that much sweeter. I do a lot of experimenting with the dye to get new colors. Sometimes mixing both icing dye and Kool-Aid together. I also make a point to make many tones of the same color so that I can color blend to give my creatures a gradation or rainbow effect.

Once the wool is dyed I will create a wool core with carded bits left over from the previous projects. Once I have  felted the creature's form the way I like it I then proceed to felt the creature with using only a single needle and my foam felting pad. I give it life with facial feature horns and of course they amazing colors. I easily spend min 30-60 hours per creature depending on how large they are. (My creatures are usually average between 8-40" tall.) Considered time also depends of how many colors I need to blend and how many horns or other features that creation will have.

A lot of the times I will add a wire skeleton for the arms, legs fingers and toes so that my creatures can grasp hold and hug. I also occasionally will joint the arms and legs for more pose options.

I admit that I am a very aggressive and clumsy felter and therefore I go through a lot of needles. Being self taught with out the use of a instruction of video I am still learning by trial and error as I go. Once the creature is as firmly felted as I can get it I will then add wings and or hair which I also dye and card. adding hair or fur can be the most painstakingly slow process of the entire project. When the creature is to my satisfaction I then will cut it's hair and clean up any fuzzy fiber bits the best I can with tiny scissors.

I have been Sculpting Fantasy creatures with clay for the last 20 years, but switched over to sculpting and felting wool after I found myself less at my Interior Design Studio and more at home with my first baby.
I grew up admiring the work or Jim Henson and the Frouds and countless other artisans which have inspired my own original creatures. I love giving life to my creatures with dramatic colors and eye popping contrasts. Naming them at the end is one of my favorite parts since I usually look through cook-books, candy blogs or in the candy isles at my grocery store for ideas and inspirations for upcoming projects.

You can find Tanglewood Thicket Creations:
Tanglewood Thicket Creations Studio Fan Page on Facebook

Featured in the April issue of Anne Louise Magazine - Click here to view

Monday, 6 June 2011

Meet theTeam!

Linsey: Owner, Editor, Graphic Designer......
Adele (Sister): Adele's Accessories and Sales Rep
Jon (Fiance): Distributor, Music/Video man plus general all round supporter
Sue (Mum): Emotional supporter and Tea maker
Tiggy (My Doggie): Magazine Mascot