Friday, 22 July 2011

Adele's Accessories: I Kandi

I Kandi are one of my favourite websites for finding the latest fashionable jewellery with that extra special wow factor!
We got sent over both these amazing Peacock earrings along with the very exotic bird ring which are both fabulous value at £12 each.

The Peacock earrings are both beautiful from the back view as well as the front! I struggled to capture the intricate details, from the back these have pretty flowers engraved and even the earring saver is shaped like a flower! It's these finishing touches along with the sheer delicacy of these earrings that have made them one of my 'must have' summer pieces.

Knuckle Duster rings have been around for many years but this year we have seen a feminine twist to this typically male accessory, now these new feminine knuckle rings are a far cry from the 'body harning' rings previously sported by mainly men. Now instead we have fabulous rings that stretch across the hand, which is particularly good for those of you like myself who these days prefer to camouflage the not so youthful appearance. These knuckle rings are appearing in a variety of shapes and sizes and this bird ring design from I Kandi is so pretty! 
I normally have problems finding rings to fit my not so slender fingers, however this design is adjustable so one size really does fit all!
I was a little unsure as to whether this two ring design would be comfortable our would limit movement, but I need not have worried....very comfortable, very pretty and very sparkly....


Sunday, 10 July 2011

Chic & Cheerful

Short of cash but still want to look fab? Follow our tips on how to be clever with your shopping trips......

The first rule when on a budget is to beware of trying to economise by loading up with lots of cheap clothes.
Instead, make sure you have your wardrobe essentials such as good-fitting jeans (F&F at Tesco has some great flares for only £14), plain tops that can be teamed with lots of items and a short dress.
Why the short dress? Well, it can be worn in a multitude of ways. M&Co, for example, has a lovely white tunic that can be worn alone as a dress or worn over a pair of trousers for a funky look. By wearing a belt with it you can change the look as often as you like – Next has some fab, bright, patent belts that would be perfect. Another versatile item is a shirt – this can be worn over a dress,
have the collars pulled up for a smarter look or dress down with a pair of jeans (check out Warehouse for a shirt that will keep you on-trend for the whole summer).
Don’t forget to trawl through your wardrobe for unloved clothes that can be brought up to date with an accessory or two. Transform your t-shirts by pinning back a sleeve with a big, colourful hairclip
(Internacionale has some gorgeous floral clips that will do the job perfectly), or attach jewels to trousers for a bespoke look – It’s Vintage Darling has some wonderfully over-the-top earrings that would look great when clipped on to a pocket. Scarves are another winner as they can be used as a headscarf, round your neck or cinched around your waist.
The trick when you’re short of cash is to think laterally and make the most of what you’ve already got. Old jeans snipped to create stylish shorts and worn with a top pulled in with a belt will make you look like a trend-setting style queen. Dare to be different and save money at the same time – what’s not to love?

All photography courtesy of PRshots

Behind the Scenes: with photographer Ruth Rose

Talented photographer Ruth Rose shot the super stylist Nina Bon Bina Autumn/ Winter 2011 Collection. We go behind the scenes and find out about this young, fashion and beauty photographer based in London.
Nina Bon Bina is a fresh and playful new brand. The understated, classic designs are achieved by using rich ethnic inspired print, laundered cottons and sumptuous silks with beautifully simple shapes and silhouettes. Garments are sprinkled with pretty laces, embroideries and embellishments adding to each style’s charm and ensuring each piece becomes a wardrobe gem. *(Words taken from

Ruth, “It was a lovely collection to shoot and the Esvie Creatives team did an amazing job. We had our very own Keira Knightly lookalike, (she’s not really but she should be!) the stunning Elizabeth Miles modelling for us. We did some classic poses to compliment the sleek designs of the dresses but also got Elizabeth to do angular, obscure poses creating an antithesis between the posing and the garment.”

Where did you learn photography, how long have you been a fashion photographer and how did you get into it?
I started photography at A level and loved it. I wasn’t sure how to turn it into a career and ended up going to uni to study English and Philosophy. In the holidays I interned with different photographers. When I graduated I got an internship with Elisabeth Hoff, who was a massive inspiration. I was thrust in to the high end spectrum of the fashion industry and learnt so much. I then took several photographing and lighting courses and worked as an assistant.

What types of photoshoot do you enjoy most and why?
I love everything that involves people but mainly fashion photography. I have come to photography from a creative drive and therefore love the freedom and creativeness there is with people. I like the surprise and ever changing nature of a shoot. Other photographers love the precision and control they have over a still life or landscape shot but that isn’t for me!
With fashion photography, I love the concept of ‘creating a beautiful and an ideal image’. I love the art of post production and think that people need to be aware that when they look in a magazine they are looking as they would, a painting or a sculpture. Fashion photographers are not attempting to depict reality but to create something beautiful.

What are the special qualities required of a fashion photographer?
I think that a fashion photographer has to have an eye for what will work.

How much work do you do in the studio as compared to on location? Which do you prefer and why?

I do a lot in the studio because of the control that it gives you. I do love to work on location, however. And am doing a shoot this summer in Puerto Banus, Spain. Locations can add another dimension to your images. But with them comes that other element of worry that it will rain etc, so that pushes me back into the studio! I think if you do work in a studio you have to keep thinking of new ways to keep it fresh. I am constantly learning new lighting techniques and getting new backgrounds to mix it up.

What’s a typical day like for you?
I don’t have a typical day. I can go from one day being up at 5:30am and getting in late in the evening, being dressed up and here there and everywhere . Then the next day could be me sat in my comfy clothes at my computer for 12 hours editting the photos and planning the next shoot!

Are there any negative aspects to the job?
The negative aspects to the job would be, being self employed, and in the economic crisis, it is tough. And there is always that feeling that you are never guaranteed work, but if you are good and pro active then you will get the work and clients will come back to you. Then you can benefit from the perks and freedom of being self employed.

How do you approach a photoshoot, is it all planned out before hand or do you go with the flow on set?

I approach a photoshoot by planning as much as possible. I will do a mood board and discuss ideas with the rest of the team. It is very important to go into a shoot with a vision. However, working with models and variables nothing is ever as precise as planned so you have to be prepared to go with the flow of the set. You have to be prepared to try things because you never know.

How would you describe your photographic style?
My photographic style - I think lots of energy. I try to make each shot the finished article. Every aspect of it has to be perfect and work together.

What is typically in your camara bag?
Camera body, lenses, lights, endless batteries and memory cards and back up devises because I am paranoid!

What has been you favourite photoshoot?
Favourite shoot would be when I photographed a shoot on ‘Austria’s Next Top Model’.

Any advice for aspiring fashion photographers?
Just keep trying and be pro active. You have to find work it won’t come to you but you will get there in the end :)

Creative Team:

Beauty Book: July

Find out what’s new on the beauty scene and what products works best.....

Cruelty Free Makeup

BM Beauty  is a brand new mineral makeup line created by pussycat doll Kimberly Wyatt and friend Laura McComiskie.
All the products have the stamp of approval from the BUAV and PETA.
It’s also good for your skin! The mineral foundations contain zinc oxide which is a natural anti-inflammatory, great for spot prone skin. BM Beauty make up is lightweight and allows your skin to breathe. You can create a flawless complexion without clogging pores and causing further breakouts. Skin perfection with a ‘no make up’ feel. What could be better?

Battle of the Pores

Clinique’s NEW PORE REFINING SOLUTIONS CORRECTING SERUM £36.50 is a new formula that instantly diminishes the appearance of pores, whilst simultaneously helping to strengthen and tighten skin’s surface structure over time. With surprisingly little effort, the visible appearance of pores is reduced by 58% in just 2 weeks. 

Confessions of a shopaholic

Self confessed shopaholic Emma, decided something drastic needed to be done with  her ever expanding wardrobe collection, rather than send off the hardly worn and brand new items to charity shops, Emma decided to create ‘Worn Once’ where other fashionistas can grab a bargain...

“I am a self confessed Shopoholic & Dress Diva with bulging wardrobes of items I buy, wear once or not at all.
The concept of Worn Once was thought up whilst discussing my previous experiences with traditional auction sites - the fee’s charged to place an ad, the fee’s after you’d sold the item  & also being limited to a listing time. By creating the Worn Once Facebook page I am able to keep my items advertised without a listing time period.
“It also give me the opportunity to put back into practise my Customer Service skills and qualifications gained in the work place.
“As well as the country being in an apparent state of
recession, the opportunity to raise cash seems better
than to give fabulous items to charity, so going back to the saying ‘charity begins at home’ is currently more applicable to my family  and I. 
Though I do donate monthly to Olly’s Rainbow and have huge respect for the work they do.
“My over-spending, allows other fashionista’s the chance to pick up ‘Designer’ and ‘High Street’ items at very low prices!
“I also keep the postage as low as possible. I found that auction site sellers often use postal charges to make additional money unfairly.
I’m a Mother of two boys and through all the money I spend on myself on clothes, bags, shoes and jewellery, by selling on what I don’t really need, allows me to invest my earnings from ‘Worn Once’ into savings for their future.”


Friday, 8 July 2011

Adele's Accessories: Miche Bag

I was so delighted to receive one of these amazing bag's with not one but two different shells to review for the magazine!
I love accessories, especially when they are interchangable. These are amazingly good quality and so easy to change from one shell to another, simply pull back the magnectic strip that holds the shell in place and remove, then replace with the shell of your choice.
As well as being abel to change the shell you can also alter the straps! There are various styles available inclusing the very popular long straps to enable you to wear your bag across your body. If you are like me and love to alter your accessories to suit every outfit, then the Miche Bag is the bag for you!

No need to keep swapping the contents from one bag to another, just need to swap the shell! 
These large Miche Bags are full of pockets to keep all your belongings safe and organised.

These Miche Bags really are fabulous and take up a fraction of your waredrobe space! Ideal for those of you like myself who have limited space, great for holiday packing as you can fit so much more in your suitcase with the Miche Bag!

The Big Miche Base, £39.99, includes a set of short handles (featured) does not include shell. The Miche Bag is 5" deep x 15" long x 12" tall. The two short handles pictured are included with the bag and are 20" long.
The featured Lexi and Karen shells are both £29.99 each.
Other straps available start at £9.99.
There are also waredrobe organisers available to keep all your shells together!